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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet


The Nutrition and Diet Department is responsible for instilling healthy eating habits in individuals, planning disease-specific nutrition therapy in inpatient services and outpatient clinics, and organizing the necessary nutritional support therapy for the patient's recovery process.

The health and economic development of individuals and society depend on the health of the individuals who make it up. The foundation of health is adequate and balanced nutrition. Adequate and balanced nutrition is also defined as healthy nutrition. In this context, preserving, improving, and enhancing the health of individuals throughout their lives, increasing the quality of life, and adopting forms of healthy living (healthy eating and physical activity habits) should be aimed at. Additionally, minimizing or eliminating existing nutrition problems that affect life quality, preventing lifestyle improvement for the prevention of nutrition-related chronic diseases (coronary heart diseases, hypertension, certain types of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.), and improving and developing environmental conditions are of great importance.

Healthy eating is the consumption of foods for growth and development, sustaining life, maintaining health, improving and enhancing health, and increasing the quality of life. Many factors affect an individual's nutritional status from food production to consumption. These factors are the product of various factors such as the individual's genetic characteristics, age, nutritional status, and other lifestyle patterns (such as physical activity and smoking habits), social and environmental factors (home conditions, sanitation and hygiene, etc.), stress, working conditions, and family support. Diet, or eating habits, is the most important and modifiable determinant of human health. Both inadequate nutrition and overeating play a significant role in the development of deaths and diseases. Therefore, determining the nutritional status is essential for improving the health of individuals and society.

Nutrition and Diet Department Diagnostic Treatment Services

The Nutrition and Diet Department at Tekden Hospital provides services in various areas such as healthy weight loss, disease-specific nutrition therapy, infant, child, adult, elderly, and pregnant-nursing nutrition.

Healthy Weight Loss – Weight Maintenance

Excess weight is a common health problem for many people. Controlling weight to maintain an ideal weight is as important as the problem of excess weight itself. Seeking support from a specialist for this common health problem in almost every age group today is crucial. You can get your weight under control by getting rid of excess weight with specially prepared personalized diet programs.

Weight Gain

Being unable to gain weight is as important an issue as the problem of excess weight. Underweight is the condition of inadequate body weight according to height length. To gain healthy weight, a planned conscious program should be created with the guidance of an expert. Special programs should be created based on the physical characteristics of individuals, taking into account their body structures.

Athlete Nutrition

Nutrition is the pre-stage of exercise for athletes. Sports nutrition is a special nutrition program prepared to improve both the training and athletic performance of athletes during both training and competition, depending on the sport they do. Proper nutrition ensures the maintenance of health, the increase in endurance, the good concentration and attention ability, and the maximum benefit from sports. Our nutrition and diet experts in the hospital plan and follow their nutrition by considering the sport the athlete does, the results of body composition measurements, personal characteristics, and whether they are in the period of growth and development. They determine the nutritional needs of athletes during both training periods, before and after competitions, and regulate the nutrition program.

Pregnancy – Breastfeeding Nutrition

There is an important relationship between the nutrition of the pregnant woman and the health of the baby in the womb. The physical and mental growth and development of the baby in the womb during pregnancy are possible with the adequate and balanced nutrition of the mother throughout her pregnancy. Scientific studies show that adequate and balanced nutrition of mothers during pregnancy and lactation is effective in both maintaining their health for a long time and having a healthy baby. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of baby and maternal health during pregnancy and lactation is adequate and balanced nutrition. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy, and weight control during breastfeeding, will be possible with a healthy nutrition program. Supporting the formation of healthy and quality milk during breastfeeding is crucial for baby health. Our hospital's nutrition and diet experts assist mothers – expectant mothers in these matters.

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