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Place for a healthy transformation

Tekden Hospitals have been the address of a healthy transformation for almost 30 years with dedicated and expert doctors, friendly staff, and a service approach focused on satisfaction.

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Who We Are


Kayseri Private Tekden Hospital serves you with 26 different Medical Units and Units.

You are privileged at Tekden.


Tekden Hospital is located in the city center, providing easy access with all public transportation options. It is 5 km from the airport and 7.5 km from the bus station.


Including parking lots around Kayseri Tekden Hospital, there are a total of 1030 open and closed parking spaces available.


Kayseri Tekden Hospital aims to provide the best service to patients and their relatives with a total of 174 beds in its 70 fully-equipped rooms.


There are 2 separate places of worship designated for women and men. Our places of worship are located on the ground floor.

Our Doctors

Our doctors working at Private Tekden Hospital are experienced and reliable healthcare professionals in their fields.

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