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Our Mission

"Tekden Hospitals" established the first private medical center in Kayseri in 1993, with dedicated and expert doctors, friendly hospital staff, and a service approach focused on satisfaction.

In 1998, Tekden Hospitals opened the first private heart hospital in Turkey, the Kayseri Heart Hospital, committing to providing the best possible service to patients. By delivering diagnostic and treatment services at high standards, it accelerated its growth and introduced Tekden Medical Center, Denizli Tekden Hospital in November 2003, and finally, Kayseri Tekden Hospital in March 2007, all dedicated to serving its patients.

Our Vision

Tekden Hospitals prioritize incorporating advanced technology devices, the latest methods, and practices in the diagnosis and treatment processes at their centers by closely following scientific studies and innovations in the field of medicine. Considering not only the comfort of patients but also that of their relatives, the hospitals provide them with special room and meal options. Tekden Hospitals, offering quality healthcare services with the care, comfort, and attention patients deserve, continue to renew, develop, and grow every day with a guest-focused approach based on these values.

With successful healthcare services provided, Tekden Hospitals contribute to health tourism by offering quality healthcare services to thousands of patients from different countries, including Turkey, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Tunisia. The happiness of patients after their treatments shows that all efforts are being spent in the right direction.

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