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Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases

Eye diseases are physical disorders that develop due to environmental or genetic factors and can lead to various vision problems. Any disease occurring in the eyelids, the transparent layer known as the eye membrane that protects the eyes from external influences, the tear ducts, the eye lens, or the nerve tissues surrounding the eyes is referred to as eye diseases.

What are the symptoms of eye diseases?

Any problem that arises in one of the body's most important sensory organs, the eyes, can easily be noticed because it leads to a decline in the sense of sight or complaints such as itching, burning, and foreign body sensation inside the eyes.

Symptoms of eye diseases may include:

  • Heaviness and pain in the eyes
  • Sensation of a foreign object in the eye
  • Tearing and discharge of tears, as well as problems with eye crust formation
  • Severe eye itching, redness, and a burning sensation
  • Constriction of the visual field and reduced vision
  • Drooping of the eyelids and swelling of the eyelids
  • Tilted head while looking and squinting

Experiencing one or more of these problems can be indicative of eye diseases.



  • Routine Eye Examination
  • Routine eye checkup
  • Contact Lens Examination
  • Contact lens examination
  • Glaucoma Examination
  • Glaucoma (Eye pressure) examination
  • Surgical Treatment of Eye Defects
  • Refractive surgery
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Cataract surgery using the Phaco method
  • Smart Lens and EDOF Lens Applications
  • Applications of smart lenses and extended depth of focus (EDOF) lenses
  • YAG Laser Applications After Cataract Surgery
  • YAG laser applications following cataract surgery
  • Retinal Diseases
  • Treatment of eye problems related to diabetes
  • Eye Angiography
  • Eye angiography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Surgical Treatment of Blocked Tear Ducts
  • Surgical treatment of tear duct blockages
  • Eyelid Surgeries
  • Eyelid surgeries


The Eye Diseases Department at Tekden Hospital offers comprehensive services related to the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of various eye conditions with expert ophthalmologists and an experienced healthcare team. Here are the detailed services provided in our department:

Routine Eye Examinations:

  • Periodic examinations to assess eye health.
  • Determination of eyeglass prescriptions and prescription writing.

Cataract Surgery:

  • Surgical removal of cataracts using the Phaco method.
  • Phacoemulsification, a high-tech method widely used for cataract surgery.

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes) Treatment:

  • Treatment of strabismus through surgery and eyeglasses.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Diagnosis of glaucoma caused by increased intraocular pressure.
  • Medication therapy and, if necessary, surgical interventions.

Retina Disease Treatment:

  • Treatment of retina problems such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Refractive Surgery (Laser Eye Surgery):

  • Correction of refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
  • Laser eye surgeries like LASIK, PRK.
  • Contact Lenses.

Eyelid and Tear Duct Diseases:

  • Aesthetic and functional surgery of the eyelids (Blepharoplasty).
  • Treatment of tear duct obstructions.

Evaluation of Eye Tumors:

  • Diagnosis and surgical intervention for eye tumors.
  • Pathological evaluations through biopsy.

Pediatric Eye Examinations:

  • Early diagnosis of eye diseases in children.
  • Evaluation of issues like strabismus and the need for glasses.
  • ROP examination and treatment of eye diseases in premature babies.

Eye Injuries and Emergency Interventions:

  • Emergency treatment of eye injuries.
  • Surgical interventions and post-trauma rehabilitation.

The Eye Diseases Department at Tekden Hospital provides individualized treatment plans with a patient-centered approach and uses up-to-date technology to protect and enhance patients' eye health.

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